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Gladstone Park Chamber of Commerce

State of the Ward Luncheon: February 6, 2019


Albert Kenar Scholarship 2019 High School Application

Lou Drebohl Scholarship 2019 Grammar School Application

Golf Outing June 3, 2019

Throwback Music Fest Sept. 6th – 8th
Band line-up:

Friday, Sept 6th 
5P-6PMCover Dogs
630P-8PMOne Way Street
830P-1015PMQueen Experience
Sat, Sept 7th 
12N-100PMOne of the Boyzz
120P-230PMSecond set
3P-415PMSouthern Draw
445P-615PMTodd & The Ten Pins
645P-815PMBoy Band Review
845P-1015PMPurple Xperience
Sunday, Sept 8th 
1230P-2PMThe Flat Cats
230P-400PMThe 4 C Notes
430P-600PMChicago Tribute Anthology
630P-830PM7th Heaven